Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beautiful new removable wall art from Interior InStyle. They are due to release a very stylish range of room art to suit any decor. Will have to keep my eyes on this!

Costliest retail strip in Australia..

South Yarra's Chapel Street has been outed as the most expensive retail strip in the country. A report by realestate groups found shopkeepers pay an average of $1,400-$1,500 a square metre per site. The rate is in stark contrast with that of surrounding areas, with Toorak Rd leasees paying 50 per cent less . Burke Road, Camberwell follows closely behind with rents between $800-$1,200 per square metre.

Belle de Jour

I have been a fan of Kate Winslet since her Titanic days. Here she poses for Vanity Fair magazine, taken in Los Angeles. She looks amazing!!

In the magazine she talks about the inability to be viewed as just another mum at school. She says "the mothers at school will read this article, and I know when I walk into the classroom in the morning , at some point I'll be checked out...and some of them will even say to me, O.K...what's the secret with the skin?"

I say thank god for make up and possibly a little bit of photo shop...not that I don't give her any credit. Well done Kate...you look beautiful!!

Scrapbooking fun...

This beautiful personalised album is one of many creations featured on kokovanilladesign's blog...An inspiring way to display precious memories of your loved ones.
The Tropical Sunset Kit contains all the contents for you to create a personalised gift. Available on line at kokovanilladesigns.
Perfect for a chrissy gift, anniversary, birthdays...just to name a few.

I'm thinking of attempting to create one for my wedding anniversary, which is next month.. My husband will be very surprised, as I have missed our wedding anniversary 2 years in a row!!

Sale time...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Did you know...

The Beckhams are the 3rd Richest celebrity Couple!

Forbes have entered David & Victoria Beckham at number 3 on their annual Richest Celebrity Couples List.

The top 5 Richest Celebrity Couples are:

1. Jay z & Beyonce $162 million
2. Will & Jada Smith $ 85 million
3. David & Victoria Beckham $58 million
4. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill $35 million
5. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie $ 34 million

Absolutely mind blowing!!

Just discovered a hidden secret...closed door SALES
The closed door Sales allow you to shop direct from warehouses on set dates throughout the year. Savings of up to 85% off retail prices!

Registration is free at http://www.closeddoorsales.com.au/ . Sales incude Toys, Cosmetics, Leather goods and more...

I have registered for my first closed door sale next week. Hoping to start my xmas shopping.
Will keep you posted on the results.
Happy shopping !!

For Chocolate Lovers...

Well this is an interesting looking block of chocolate. Made of 70% milk, 20% dark & 10% white, the Chocolate Pie Chart looks very irresistable...the milk chocolate part is mine!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

High School Musical 3 Mania!!

The High School Musical 3 Premiere was on in Melbourne on Wednesday 12th November at the Jam Factory in South Yarra. There was no way of getting out of attending, as my 7 year old daughter & 9 year old niece had heard about the Live appearance of the HSM3 cast earlier in the week.

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale appeared at the red carpet event to promote their new movie. There were around 3,000 screaming fans ...

We waited approximately 2 hours in sweltering heat for the cast to arrive. We were standing just behind the media, so the girls had a great view... mind you my daughter was on my shoulders and my niece on her mums.

Wondering if any other crazy mums took their kids out to the premiere?

The movie comes out in cinemas next month on 4 December. You can book your tickets online at http://villagecinemas.com.au/Movies/High-School-Musical-3.htm

Aromatic bodies

Aesop provides the highest quality botanical skin care. They use only premium ingredients, including some of the world's soughtafter plant extracts and scientifically validated man-made ingredients. Their range is not only highly effective, but each preparation is wonderful to use.
Aesop cares for your skin and beyond that, offers a unique and luxurious sensory experience.

My favourite Aesop products are the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash & the Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser. The Hand Wash is perfect for frequent use and smells divine with botanical extracts of Orange, Rosemary & a hint of Lavender. The Body Cleanser is very luxurious and can be used in the shower or bath and enjoyed by the whole family. Contains beautiful Geranium leaf accompanied by Mandarin & Bergamont Rind.

Aesop have so many products to choose from, catering for everyone, even animals!! Check out their website for further details & stockists http://www.aesop.net.au/ Samples are also usually available in store if you would like to try before you by, as I always like to do.

Palatial luxuries...

Well, I couldn't help myself on this cold and rainy afternoon in Melbourne, but to reminisce about the the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in Queensland, Australia the Palazzio Versace Hotel. I stayed here with my family whilst holidaying on the Gold Coast 2 years ago. What an experience!! Apart from bumping into some celebrities including Mark Phillipousis & Nick Giannopoulos, we had an unforgettable stay. We enjoyed an elite service in breathtaking surroundings.

If you love to be pampered and enjoy an extravagent atmosphere, then this hotel is a must!! The hotel is child friendly, although does not specifically cater for children ie kids club etc... The kids will love to play in the large pool whilst ladies you can indulge at the Salus Per Aquum Spa for a full body treatment including massage, pedispa & manicures or do some damage on the credit card, at the Versace in house boutique!

You can book via their website at http://www.palazzoversace.com.au/flash/index.htm or try http://www.wotif.com/

Introducing Loving this now...

Welcome everyone to my new blog...Loving this now!

My name is Penelope & I am a mother of two beautiful children from Melbourne. I run an online children's boutique named MiniStyle http://www.ministyle.com.au/ which I absolutely love & am very passionate about!!

After working many years in the Food Industry as a Health Inspector, I decided to start my own business, so that I could have the freedom & flexibility to work around my children & new lifestyle...

Any how, that's enough about me for the moment...

I wanted to start this blog to share my experiences, thoughts & love of life with all of you. There are many times when I find new products or ideas or even sales that I would love to share...

This blog will keep you informed on new finds from around the world and locally whether it's a new children's toy, new restaurant or book review. There is always something to share out there. So feel free to contribute or comment on the many stories to come.