Saturday, November 22, 2008

Palatial luxuries...

Well, I couldn't help myself on this cold and rainy afternoon in Melbourne, but to reminisce about the the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in Queensland, Australia the Palazzio Versace Hotel. I stayed here with my family whilst holidaying on the Gold Coast 2 years ago. What an experience!! Apart from bumping into some celebrities including Mark Phillipousis & Nick Giannopoulos, we had an unforgettable stay. We enjoyed an elite service in breathtaking surroundings.

If you love to be pampered and enjoy an extravagent atmosphere, then this hotel is a must!! The hotel is child friendly, although does not specifically cater for children ie kids club etc... The kids will love to play in the large pool whilst ladies you can indulge at the Salus Per Aquum Spa for a full body treatment including massage, pedispa & manicures or do some damage on the credit card, at the Versace in house boutique!

You can book via their website at or try

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